I’m back!

Hello!! So I guess starting a blog in November right before Christmas wasn’t the smartest thing! I have been so busy and wanted to post so many times but I just never got to it. I am making a vow to blog at least once a week! SO much has happened. Most importantly, we got a house!!!!! It’s so cute, I just love it. It needs some things done to it, which I think will be great to blog about, so I’m really excited about sharing that with all of you! Here is a picture of the front: 

I can’t get over how happy I am about it. It’s in a great neighborhood, there are a ton of kids (which was important to me), and a lot of families starting out, just like us!! It’s on a nice quiet street which Ashley can ride her bike and we can take walks without worrying about being run down! Like I said, the house needs some improvements, but I just look at that as an opportunity to make it exactly how I want! Having a husband who is super handy doesn’t hurt either! Here is a picture of the beautiful back yard:
I actually really hate the blue color of the deck and thats one of the first things I want to change. I am so excited to have awesome back yard BBQ’s and most importantly, Ashley’s 2nd Birthday party!
So we will be moving in April 14th. Bill has been over there everyday painting his little heart out, getting it all ready for us! Back over here at the apartment I am beyond overwhelmed. I want to pack but then I end up standing in the middle of the room for 10 minutes just looking around, not knowing where to begin. When we moved in here I was living at my Mom’s house, so I only had my bedroom to pack, which took all of 1 day! Now I have all of these rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and of course Ashley’s whole room, and to be honest, she has more clothes then Bill and I combined! So needless to say, we have our work cut out for us!

I have a few tutorials for Christmas gifts I made, all of which turned out so cute, that I will be posting in this next coming week, so be sure to check back!!! 

xoxo Kelly

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