Twin Tuesday!

I decided every Tuesday I’m going to do a post about the twins; products I love for them, funny/cute things they do and say, outings we go on, things like that! If nothing else, it will be fun for me to look back on because everyday they are getting bigger and older and I already find myself looking back at newborn pictures of them and missing them as tiny babies! SO, here we go for our first TWIN TUESDAY!

Something that has been a huge lifesaver for us is the Delta 36×36 Play Yard.

For my shower, I put a regular pack and play on the registry. Once we got it, I quickly realized it wasn’t going to work for us. Both babies didn’t fit in it, and it was much too small for them to play in. We returned the pack and play and just by chance we saw this one. I was so excited, it was so big and looked like it would have just enough room. Sure enough, it worked out perfectly. We brought it with us to Disney World and both of the boys had plenty of room to sleep, the mattress was padded enough, and they were able to play together. I can’t say enough great things about this play yard and would recommend any twin Momma to invest in it!

Here are my sweet boys, fast asleep in the Play Yard. My heart melts when I see them like this! 
During the day I try to make it a point to get the kids outside at least once.  The babies are 10 1/2 months now and are crawling everywhere. They are so curious and want to explore and see everything, as well as put everything in their mouths! So, just laying out a blanket and relaxing on the grass isn’t really an option for us. We decided to get a Radio Flyer wagon and the boys LOVE it! Ashley loves it as well!
I pull them around the yard, take them for walks, and just enjoy the nice weather. They love sitting at a different angle as opposed to being in the stroller and Ashley really likes being able to hop in and out as she pleases. It has seat backs that fold down to be flatbed wagon or put up like in the picture to be seats. It also has little seat belts which are awesome to keep the kids safe and strapped in. I’m sure we’re going to get a lot of use out of it this summer!
Yesterday, after a stroll around the yard we stopped to play with bubbles. It was the first time the boys had ever seen bubbles and they loved watching them and trying to grab them. It’s so amazing to see the look on their face when they discover something new. It was a great afternoon, one I’m sure I’ll remember forever.
XOXO- Kelly

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