Twin Tuesday

The twins turned 11 months old yesterday! 11 months! I cannot believe it. This year has flown by so incredibly fast. They are growing and changing so much day to day. I feel as if I blink, I will miss it! They are crawling everywhere, pulling to stand, starting to cruise the furniture and Collin even started to wave today! I am so blessed to have them and look at them daily and think to myself “how did I get so lucky?” Ashley is an amazing big sister and loves them so much. We had a bit of a rough start and she took a little while to get adjusted to having not one but two brothers and having to assume the role of an older sister. She is a huge help and I don’t know what I would do without her. Today, I’m going to share some of our 11 month favorites!


1. MAM Pacifiers- The boys just love these. Pacifiers are such a tricky thing. We thought the boys hated pacifiers but turns out we just weren’t giving them the ones they wanted. We figured we would give this brand a try and they loved them!

2. Fisher Price Lil’ Zoomers- Anytime the boys are crying or fussy I give them these cars and they calm right down! They love the little colored wheel in the middle and the little faces on the front. They are the perfect size for their chunky little fingers to hold and play with. I keep these in the diaper bag at all times.

3. MAM starter cup- I have exclusively breastfed the boys since birth, but we recently decided to start giving them a sippy cup. These ones are working out great and I figured since they loved the pacifiers so much I might as well give the cup a try. It has a really cute design on the front, they are easy to clean and haven’t leaked yet!

4. Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment- I cannot say enough great things about this ointment. It works great and it has a really pleasing natural smell to it. My boys have very sensitive skin so I have to be really mindful of everything I use on them. It uses all natural ingredients and is enriched with beeswax as well as vitamin A and E. Love love love!

5. Gerber’s Organic Puffs- We loved these with Ashley and nothing has changed with the twins! They really enjoy being able to feed themselves and the puffs dissolve so fast I don’t have to worry about choking. I bring these everywhere with us.

6 Children’s Place footless pajamas- Since it’s summer now and warmer each night I put the boys in a light cotton pajama. Children’s place always has really great sales which works great for having to buy two of everything! I love the prints they have and the pi’s hold up nicely.

7.Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Xylophone- This is easily the boys’ favorite toy. As soon as I take it out they both make a mad dash to it. They are learning now that if they hit it, it makes a sound and they can’t get enough. It’s light and has rounded edges so I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt. I’m not gonna lie, I like to play with this too! 😉

8. Radio Flyer Grandstand Deluxe 3-in-1 wagon- We cannot get enough of this wagon. I know I talked about it in an earlier post but it is such a staple in our daily life I feel it is worth mentioning again. I use this wagon close to everyday. It has a canopy to shade the boys from the sun and seat belts to strap them in for safety. I put them in it while I push Ash on the swing, or go for walks, or to watch Ashley put on a hula hoop show. I love the change from the stroller and I think they do too. They would sit in this all day if I let them. It’s crafted really well and feels very safe. I can’t wait to use it for fun summer activities like fairs, fireworks and parades!

XOXO- Kelly


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