Twin Tuesday

I cannot believe the boys are 14-months-old! It seems like I blinked and their first year was over! They are the cutest, happiest, most curious little boys and I cannot get enough of them. They both throw up their arms when asked how big they are, shake their heads no, and wave bye bye. They both say “duck, cat, and bye” (along with the normal Mama and Dada) and are both now walking! Adam started to walk about 2 weeks before Collin but he caught up quickly! Adam is a little more steady but Collin is getting better day by day. Their personalities are so different and it’s amazing to watch them grow and learn. Adam is my little daredevil and takes off as soon as he can, while Collin likes to hang back by Mommy until he’s a little more sure of himself. That’s fine by me, I’ll take baby snuggles for as long as I can get them. I can’t wait for the boys’ second set of holidays which are fast approaching. They are going to be so fun. Here are a few of our favorite things this month!
14 Month Favorites
1. Earth’s Best Chicken Nuggets- We have these for lunch A LOT. They are so easy and quick to make and the boys gobble them up. I also cut up cheese and strawberries or blueberries with them which makes for a nice healthy lunch that tastes great too. Even Ashley likes them, so these are a staple that I keep in the freezer at all times.
2. Rubber Duck- Duck is one of the few words the boys say and they learned from playing with this classic toy! Bath time wouldn’t be the same without it and as soon as the boys get in the tub they are reaching for this little guy!
3. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House– They really love this toy. They actually play together with this, which I love to see. They practically fall over from laughing so hard at each other while swinging the door back and forth. I could watch them for hours.
4. Mickey Flip Sofa– Ashley had one of these when she was a baby so I figured I would get 2 for Adam and Collin. They LOVE them. They pull out to be like a little bed so It’s a nice comfy spot to recharge while playing and when they are ready they hop up and we flip it back to the couch. They sit on the couch part like little men with their arms on the arm rest. It might be the most adorable thing ever.
5. GoGo Squeez applesauce- These are healthy and so easy to toss in the diaper bag for an easy on-the-go snack. We love them.
6. Ikea Lillabo Toy Cars– In the morning when Adam wakes up these are the first toys he goes for. They are colorful and easy for little hands to pick up. The boys play with these literally all day!
7. Burts Bees Shampoo and Wash– Both Adam and Collin have slight eczema and sensitive skin. I can’t begin to list how many different baby washes we have tried. Burts Bees is the only one that doesn’t over dry or irritate their skin. It smells delicious and it’s almost all natural. They have gained a customer for life!
8. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Chair– The boys love anything that makes noise or plays music. This chair is so fun and has a sensor and can tell when a baby is sitting in the chair. It plays such cute music and also says letters and numbers. Today Collin sat in the chair and Adam wanted to play too so he plopped right down in Collin’s lap. My heart burst into about a billion pieces. This toy gets a thumbs up from all of us!
XOXO- Kelly

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