Twin Tuesday: Registry Edition

Twin Registry must haves
I can finally share the exciting news that my sister-in-law is pregnant! Not only is she pregnant, but she is pregnant with…TWINS! We are so excited to add another set of twins to our family and for my kids to have cousins. I was ridiculously close with my cousins when I was growing up, so I’m thrilled for my kids to get to experience that and hopefully have a bond with their cousins like I had and have with mine.

My sister-in-law is about 17 weeks now and is starting to think about registering. Since I am a fellow twin mom, she asked me to let her know what my registry must haves would be for twins. I was more than happy to share with her and figured some other mommas would want to know as well!

One. My Brestfriend Twins Plus Nursing Pillow– I was lucky enough to be able to breast feed all of my babies and without this amazing pillow, I don’t know if it would have been as easy to breast feed the twins. It’s nice and big and clips around your back for support and stability. It even has a little back support for momma which was really nice when I was just exhausted. They really kept both momma and her babies in mind while designing this pillow and you can tell. Both my boys fit on here the whole time we breastfed. Being able to breastfeed them at the same time was huge for me because it was a real time saver and I don’t know what I would have done if I would have had to breastfeed them separately. If I could pick only one item to have for my boys during the first year, this pillow would be it!

Two. MyBaby by Homemedics SoundSpa– Both of my boys spent time in the NICU so I knew expecting them to sleep in a silent room wasn’t going to happen. I picked this up and love it. It has multiple choices for the noise you would like such as rain, ocean, heartbeat and more. There is a volume control so you can have it as loud or as quiet as you would like. Another awesome feature is that it has a rotating picture projector which projects a cute picture on the wall or ceiling. It comes with three image discs to choose from. I loved this feature because when we put the boys in their own room it made it so it wasn’t pitch black and I was able to see when I went in there in the middle of night. We still use the Soundspa to this day!

Three. Boppy Pillow– I think even if you don’t have a baby you know about the Boppy. It’s such a versatile item and I don’t think any baby registry would be complete without it. It was great for us because both of my boys had reflux and the Boppy propped them up nicely and made them comfortable. It was great having two of these in the bed during the day so I could prop them up and play, sing, and read and be able to really see and interact with them both.

Four. SwaddleMe– I LOVED these for Ashley and I loved them just as much for the boys. All three of my kids liked to be swaddled and these made it SO easy. They do teach you how to swaddle before you leave the hospital but the SwaddleMe makes it so much easier. It has velcro pieces that make it so simple, even daddy can do it! A great feature is the leg pouch pops open to make for easy diaper changes without having to unswaddle the baby! They have so many adorable fabric options to choose from and even offer a line with organic cotton. They wash well and hold up perfectly throughout the entire time you swaddle. I love love love these.

Five. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump– Even though I did breastfeed exclusively, this pump was really needed during the first year. Trying to get my supply regulated with two babies took a little time and being able to pump when I got engorged to relieve some pressure, or pumping to increase my supply a bit was invaluable. The best part was I was able to get this for free through insurance!

Six.Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe diaper bag– When I found out I was having twins, I knew I would need an awesome diaper bag. I did a lot of research and asked every twin mom I came in contact with. The majority of the feedback I received was for the Skip Hop duo deluxe. I took everyones advice and I could not be happier. We LOVE this diaper bag! It has  4 exterior pockets, multiple interior compartments, a bottle pocket and a cell phone pocket so you can keep everything you need to be comfortable and organized. An adjustable shoulder strap lets you carry it in comfort, or fit it to the width of your strollers handles. I think my favorite feature are the side clips that allow you to clip it onto the stroller. The inside can be wiped clean in case of any messes and it comes with a changing pad. I can’t say enough great things about this bag.

Seven. Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock n’ Play Sleeper– Like I said before, both of my boys had reflux and would spit up almost instantly if they were laid flat after eating. I decided to give these a shot and they were the best. The inclined sleeper was a life saver and the boys slept soundly in them from the first night we used them. It has an extra deep seat that helps baby sleep all night long and with the push of a button, the sleeper helps the baby relax with two different rocking speeds! These were compact enough to fit next to the bed and it was so easy to get them for nighttime feedings. The seat pad is machine washable, and can be put in the dryer! I was sad when the boys were too big to use these anymore!

Eight. aden + anais swaddle plus blankets– These blankets are so versatile and can be used for so many things, I don’t think you should ever leave home without them. We used them for swaddling, covering the car seats while outside, tummy time, a lightweight blanket for the car seat, a burp cloth, using as a barrier for a quick change, and that is just the beginning! These blankets can be used for literally anything and I don’t think any new mom (or really any mom for that matter) should leave home without them!

Nine. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash– I have talked about this wash before but we love it so much I had to mention it again. Both Adam and Collin have eczema and this wash was the only thing I could find that wouldn’t completely dry out their delicate skin. It smells delicious and is 98.9% natural which is awesome. I still use it on them and will continue to do so forever!

XOXO- Kelly



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