Aladdin on Broadway

One of the best things about living in New Jersey is being so close to New York City. We get to experience all of the amazing things the city has to offer, while being able to live in the quieter suburbs. My favorite thing to do in the city is most definitely getting to see some pretty amazing shows. Ever since I was a little girl and my Grandma took me to Radio City to see the Christmas Spectacular, I was hooked. So when my Mom told me she wanted to take my sister, Ashley and I to see Aladdin I was beside myself with excitement. To add to the thrill of it this was going to be Ashley’s first Broadway show ever! We impatiently counted the days and this past Sunday was finally the day! We had such an unforgettable time with each other and the show was even more fantastic than I imagined (if that’s even possible!)

We had tickets to the one o’clock show so we decided to grab an appetizer at The Heartland Brewery while we were waiting to head to the theater. Ashley had her very first Shirley Temple which she loved and we decided to order the warm giant pretzel with honey mustard. It was so delicious and literally the biggest pretzel I had ever seen!




After we finished our drinks and pretzel we headed over to the New Amsterdam theater!


Walking to the theater! During the walk Ashley couldn’t stop saying “Wow, I just love New York City!” She was enamored with the sights, sounds, and buzz of the city. I don’t blame her 🙂

When we walked into the theater and the usher brought us to our seats I couldn’t believe my eyes. We were four rows away from the stage. FOUR. It was the closest to the stage I’ve ever sat.


We settled into our seats and got ready for the show to begin!




Finally the lights went dim and the curtain went up! You’re not allowed to use your phone but I was able to snap these photos of Ashley when she saw the performers come out and the show begin. Her face says it all. I think this will be the first of many shows Ashley attends.



The show was beyond incredible. The singing and dancing was impeccable and the scenery was incredibly elaborate. I was pulled into the story from the moment the first note played from the orchestra. In the end, I couldn’t help but cry. Like I said, you’re not allowed to take pictures but here are some from the Aladdin the Musical website.





I can’t say enough great things about this show. If you are in New York I HIGHLY recommend you check out this show. I promise, you will not regret it!

After the show, my Mom was so nice and bought my sister and I a magic lamp ornament! I started this tradition to buy an ornament for the Christmas tree whenever I go on vacation, or to a really fun place that I want to remember. My idea is that our Christmas tree will be a tree of memories. So each year when we are decorating and unwrapping each ornament, we get to relive that memory all over again. It’s really fun and this magic lamp is the perfect addition to my collection!



The entire day was fabulous. My Mom, sister and I are so close and I really treasure the relationship we share. Understandably we are all very busy so it’s not often we get to spend an entire day together. Being able to do something so special together and to be able to include Ashley was amazing. We laughed so much and really enjoyed each other’s company. I’ll fondly remember this day for the rest of my life.



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